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The Avenger Class was designed in 2381 by Admiral Akira Yamamoto Takahashi to fulfil the role of a long range science and scout vessel.  Primarily dual purpose, the Avenger class can observe either scientific phenomenon in times of peace or enemy movements in time of war.  Moderately armed and very maneuverable, the Avenger Class can hold its own with the Sovereign Class explorer and similar starships.

Construction on the first starship of the class, the USS Avenger, NX-101468, began in 2384, one year after the death of Admiral Takahashi.  Construction was halted in 2386 and was not resumed until 2397.  The Avenger was completed three years later and command was handed to recently promoted Captain Jamie Matsumoya Takahashi, son of the late admiral.

The Avenger was presumed lost in mid 2400 when it disappeared on its maiden voyage.  The ship was actually sent to the Andromeda galaxy by unexplained forces.  In late 2401, the Avenger was once again lost but this time in a parallel universe.  The ship was destroyed in the beginning of 2404 by the ISS Avenger, it's counterpart in the Terran Empire of the parallel universe.  The crew escaped and was able to return to Universe 1A Prime (as it became known) with over 50% casualties.

The USS Vigilante was renamed the Avenger and given the serial number NCC-101468-A and the ship continued to serve through the remainder of the Parallel Universe War.  Command was handed over to Captain Takahashi's first officer, Nicholas McAlistar following Takahashi's death at the conclusion of the war in 2407.  The ship was then returned to Takahashi after his cloning by Section 31.

The Avenger continued to serve until 2430 when it was decomissioned.

Other ships of the Avenger class include the Renegade, the  Retribution, the Rebellious, the Absolution, the Defender, the Paladin, the Sentinel, the Victor, the Vanquisher, and the White Knight.

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